Sunday, August 12, 2007


爭議性的英國Channel 4的記錄片“Dispatches: Undercover Mosque”

2007年11月20日: 英國警方竟然投訴這記錄片破壞種族關係
2007年12月10日: Death threats can't stop me being a Christian, says imam's daughter
2008年2月14日: 17,000 women are "honour" victims every year in Britain
2008年2月14日: British minister warns of birth defects amount 'inbred' Muslims
2008年2月28日: Film makers to sue police for libel

I was a Fanatic
Rejecting radical Islam - one man's journey


真小人 said...

廢柴兄, 最近不少報紙指責天文台唔理香港市民亂甘掛風球, 當中包括明報, 太陽報等. 不過這次有不少網民指責報紙亂來, 天文台無甚做錯, 傳媒係又話唔係又話, 亂寫一通.

你甘喜歡踢爆傳媒, 這是一個好題材呢!

penguinization said...

hello yellowcow,

the reportors are brave. they were risking their life. no kidding.

and i'd be interested if they covered more about how the moderate (normal?) Muslim were affected by the extremests. (a sort of your recommended CNN's reports.)

so, i'm reading Geneive Abdo's book "Mecca and Main street: Muslim life in america after 911".