Saturday, February 25, 2006





- 2月21日(見報日期)﹕名校生跳樓
- 2月23日(見報日期)﹕小六生跳樓
- 2月24日(見報日期)﹕中二生割脈
- 2月25日(見報日期)﹕中四生仰藥



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Zoner Trading said...

I can't say definitively teachers have more pressure. However, your argument is not necessarily relevant. There are many more students than teachers, so even if you show more students attempt to commit suicide doesn't necessarily prove your point. Also, it may also be a natural phenomena that teenagers/students are more likely to commit suicide than adults, because they tend not to think of consequences less (as compared to adults) as they are still immature.

(I don't mean to argue that adults/teachers have more pressure; however, I am arguing that your hypothesis needs more/better evidence to backup)