Saturday, August 19, 2006


明報8月18日專訊「以史為鑑 請學德文豪」指出德國文豪格拉斯(Günter Grass)公開承認他在二戰時曾參加希特勒近衛隊, 一直隱瞞,他說是因為在戰後的「整個生命裏都為這感到羞愧」, 但格拉斯的動機是否真的這麼純正? 他是否真是「面對歷史罪過」?

對這事和格拉斯事跡的評論: Part 1, Part 2

8月23日補充: Christopher Hitchens對格拉斯的評論


Hugo said...

Thansk for your information. It really shows the other side of the story. By the way, it seems that the open letter is not written by a general public. Do you have any idea about the author (DANIEL JOHNSON)? I've searched the web and wikipedia but am in vain.

yellowcow said...

I have no idea who this Daniel Johnson is.